Annual Membership Renewal:

  • Unlimited TeamViewer room support
  • Priority Service from BlueLink staff
  • Live Learning Sessions and demonstrations for using any of our software
  • Unlimited Live Assistance to fix computer issues related to troubles installing our software
  • Qualify for Discounts on programming services

When does the subscription renew?
If you keep a card on file with BlueLink, subscriptions will renew automatically each year on the next business day following your original purchase date. Don't worry, we cover weekends and holidays with a grace period, so even if you don't see your card being charged or receive the renewal invoice right away, you can still utilize our services and receive the discounts. 

Can I just purchase a subscription to begin remote programming?
No. To begin programming, you must first purchase one of our Remote Programming Software packages to obtain a software license.

If I don't keep a card on file, what do I do?
You can come back here each year and simply re-purchase the subscription as needed. 

What is the current Coding Discount for Subscribers?
Modules are ordinarily programmed for $175 per-unit. Save $50 per-programming by signing up for a subscription. Remember that a one-year subscription is included in the initial software fee.

Is there any limit to how many modules I can receive a discount on per year?
There is no limit. We have many subscribers who program as few as four modules per year to 'cover' the subscription and then enjoy unlimited desktop support and remote assistance at no additional cost. Some of our bigger customers program once a week! Either way, these savings are for you to keep or pass on to your customers; the choice is up to you. 

Is there any way to receive a discount on the Subscription itself?
No. The subscription price is standard to all users.