Key Re-Chip Service
(129, 140, 163, 210)

Many Mercedes have recently been showing up with bad keys, AAMs, N54/DAS boxes, and ME control modules. Data is scrambled, the immobilizer LED on the dash will not flash, and the vehicle no longer starts. Further complicating the situation is the design of the immobilizer system, which limits the vehicle to eight keys. Once all eight keys have been issued by the dealer, no more replacement keys can be obtained. The current dealer option requires replacing the ME, AAM/DAS box, buying new lock sets, and paying for installation and programming.

BeckTech and BlueLink have introduced a service to repair immobilizer systems for the 163 MLs and most DAS2x vehicles, 1996 - 1999. These are the cars with the transponder ring pocket on the ignition.

We will be able to copy and re-chip two keys for you initially. The service is currently priced at $750, and additional keys are $200 each. Keys must have a working circuit board in order for the central locking to work. We also need one original key blade from the vehicle to copy. Used circuit boards are OK, if sourced from similar vehicles (see FAQs).

By sending us the ME, AAM/N54, and an original key, we can reprogram the modules and copy the key to get your car on the road again. When you receive the units and keys back, everything will be "plug-and-play".

FCC ID Example

The following items are required:

  • ME (Engine Control Module)
  • AAM or N54 DAS box
  • One working, original key blade
  • Up to two additional keys (chip and circuit board)
  • Proof of ownership (copy of registration, title, etc.)


What caused this to happen?
The most common failure for the Key/AAMs is low voltage situations while starting the engine. This can be caused by:

  • A weak vehicle battery
  • Poor ground connections at the battery, engine, or chassis
  • Bad contacts in the ignition key electrical assembly
  • A poor fuse box connection

NOTE: If these potential issues are not corrected before the re-chip service, it is likely that the damage will happen again!

I'm out of keys or only have one left!
You can actually use keys from another vehicle as long as the year, model, and FCC ID on the remote match. The FCC ID can be found stamped on the back or side of the remote (pictured to the right). You may supply your own key blades if you have them from the dealership, but this service includes blades from us.

How long does this service take?

We can typically perform this service within one week of arrival. Including a note with your contact information and what service you need done will help expedite this process. 

FCC ID Example

FCC ID Example