Remote Programming Kits

  • Remotely Program anywhere! From us or our partners, to your shop -- without moving the car
  • Program units starting at $125 per-module, with health checks starting at $40
  • A growing list of supported makes and models automatically appears in our app
  • Avoid hidden costs of flat-bedding and wasted tech time
  • Optimize your turnaround times
  • Our kits include a Drew Technologies 12' MongoosePro ISO/CAN 2 or CarDAQ-Plus 2
  • Already have your own device? Check out Compatible Devices and purchase our Software-Only Kit
  Euro/Asian [BLH8006] : Remoter, 1 yr. sub, and 12' MongoosePro 2

Euro/Asian [BLH8006]: Remoter, 1 yr. sub, and 12' MongoosePro 2

  All Brands [BLH8008] : Remoter, 1 yr. sub, and CarDAQ-Plus 2

All Brands [BLH8008]: Remoter, 1 yr. sub, and CarDAQ-Plus 2

    How do I know if my internet and computer are capable of Remote Programming?
    You MUST [>> PASS THIS TEST <<] with a MARGINAL rating or better to have a reasonable expectation that our services will work. We require Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32 and 64 bit versions), and a high-speed internet connection (Cable, High Speed DSL, etc.). While a CAT5/6 cable is preferred, wireless MAY be fine if you have a strong signal.

    NOTE: We have had mixed success with cellular-based services and NONE with satellite

    Do I need a MongoosePro 2 or CarDAQ-Plus 2? What about my J2534 device I own?
    You need to get a kit with the CarDAQ-Plus 2 or MongoosePro 2 if you do not have a J2534 device. Most of these connect to a Windows-based PC via a USB cable and have an OBD2 connector on the other end. The CarDAQ-Plus 2 is necessary if you wish to be able to program ALL makes and models. Based upon the age and specs of your device, certain brands and modules will not be available to you.

    If you already have a compatible device, you can purchase our Software-Only Kit from the store for $349. Contact us if you are unsure about your device being J2534-compliant.

    What vehicles can I program? Who are some of your partners?
    Our software has been tested with Ford, Mazda, GM, JLR, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota/Lexus, Subaru, Nissan/Infinity, Volvo and Honda/Acura. We are actively working towards offering coding services for these other manufacturers with several partners, accessible by you with the purchase of our software. For full diagnostic support plus live programmings via BlueLink, take a look at the new tool from FarSight.

    Can I program modules myself?
    No. Our software is just a tiny 5MB app that just puts your computer and car online as an endpoint for the delivery of a live coding, by a live technician to the installed module. 

    Do I have to pre-pay for a coding?
    With BlueLink, you only pay when the job is done. We welcome customers to submit tickets for parts or vehicles they are unsure about J2534 support for! Depending upon the J2534 device you own, you may not have the proper protocol support for your vehicle. Often the best way is to try and see, so submit a ticket and we'll get you connected to the right person who has the best chance of getting it to work.

    Can I get around any OEM-imposed restrictions?
    No. Our solution is identical in this respect to other OEM coding solutions. BlueLink does not support "off-vehicle" programming, nor can we activate used parts for brands that "lock" to a vehicle. Our full-service system simply has a very long cable (the internet) that delivers coding right to your shop and is run by a live technician!

    When can I program modules?
    Services from BlueLink can come from any number of partners and as such, the times of service will depend upon who is performing it; most are U.S.-based. BlueLink operation hours and support is M-F 9-5PM EST, excluding major national holidays. 

    How is this different than other programming solutions?
    BlueLink is an interface that can provide factory-level, official programming directly to your shop. No other solution can say that. Every time our techs receive a call, they are running the latest softwares with the newest files. There's no capturing, scraping, or plugging data into a scan tool for you to use. There's no waiting for updates to these tools before you can start work. And how about that up-front cost! The only 'magic' in our solution is how we deliver it to you: over the internet! 

    How's it different than taking a car to dealer?
    Many of the hidden costs of doing it the old ways are removed. We have intentionally made our up-front cost per-module competitive, but hidden costs such as flat-bedding or "limping" a car to the dealer and wasted time also become a thing of the past. Programmings come right to your shop, often with a tech calling within 10 minutes and work being completed in under an hour!