Got a part number?

  • Climate Control Servo's
  • Cruise Control Amplifiers
  • Diesel Pre-Glow Relays
  • Door Closing Assist Pumps (140 chassis)
  • Electronic Shift Module - ESM (215, 220, 230 chassis)
  • Electronic Steering Locks - ESL (202, 208, 210 chassis)
  • Idle Speed Regulators
  • Lamp Fault Modules (107, 126, 129 chassis)
  • MAS Control Units
  • Seat Control Modules - ESA (129, 140, and 203 chassis)
  • Soft-Top Control Modules (129 chassis)
  • Soft-Top Hydraulic Pump (208 chassis)
  • Throttle Control Modules (E-GAS, T/LLR)

I'm not sure if my part is bad, can you test it?
Yes! Most parts can be fully bench tested prior to re-manufacturing. Our standard test fee is $125.* (*prices can vary, call to verify). If we test your part and find that it is bad and you elect to have us re-manufacture it or purchase a replacement part, we will cancel your test fee! We advise contacting us prior to sending a part in to verify the issue you are having and get an accurate turn around time. 

What kind of warranty do you offer?
Our re-manufactured parts come with a one-year warranty. See our policies page for full details.