Other Parts

  • Climate Control Servos
  • Cruise Control Amplifiers
  • Diesel Pre-Glow Relays
  • Door Closing Assist Pumps (140)
  • Electronic Shift Module - ESM (215, 220, 230)
  • Electronic Steering Locks - ESL (202, 208, 210)
  • Idle Speed Regulators
  • Lamp Fault Modules (107, 126, 129)
  • MAS Control Units
  • Seat Control Modules - ESA (129, 140, and 203)
  • Soft-Top Control Modules (129)
  • Soft-Top Hydraulic Pump (208)
  • Throttle Control Modules (E-GAS, T/LLR)

    Feel free to call or message us with a part number if you don't see your module listed on our website.

I'm not sure if my part is bad, can you test it?
Yes! Most parts can be fully bench tested prior to re-manufacturing. Our standard test fee is $125.* If we test your part and find that it is bad and you elect to have us re-manufacture it or purchase a replacement part, we will cancel your test fee! We advise contacting us prior to sending a part in to verify the issue you are having and get an accurate turn around time. 
*Test-fee prices vary, call to verify

What kind of warranty do you offer?
Our re-manufactured parts come with a one-year warranty. See our policies page for full details.