BlueLink Launcher

  • Download [HERE]
  • Easily install all of the products from BlueLink
  • Automatically updates whenever YOU choose to run the program
  • Never nags you to update when you aren't using our products
  • Provides a seamless update path that's really not like installing updates at all!
  • Install our software on as many computers as you'd like, just use your shop e-mail to login

Where do I download the Launcher?
You can download it [>> RIGHT HERE <<].  Just click 'RUN' or 'OPEN' to install it. 

Nothing is happening when I click on it!
Most anti-virus programs need to temporarily be disabled to allow our product to install. We have sent our product to a variety of companies including Norton, Avira, McAffee, AVG and more, but depending upon the version you're running you may simply have to right click on the system tray icon (in the lower right) and disable it for a bit. For Windows Defender, the Smart-Screen Filter may pop up and you'll have to first press "More Info", then "Run Anyway". 

It appears to download, but then my computer says the file is missing.
See the above. Many anti-virus programs just delete suspect files without even telling you that they're doing so. 

I get a warning in Internet Explorer that the file may be harmful.
See the above. Sometimes, if your anti-virus program is at least informing you that it has found a virus, you can open the arrow in the window, proceed to 'More Options' and choose to 'Run Anyway'. You may still simply be better off disabling your anti-virus for a few. 

What products come with the BlueLink Launcher? Is anything free?
Our OBDII (OBD2) Scan Tool product is free for any to download. Our other products and services all require a purchase or a subscription to use. Browse around the 'Products' section of our site to see what's available.