BlueLink Launcher


Launcher Version: 1.67

The BlueLink Launcher is your hub for all of our software and quick desktop support. After installation, double-click the 'BlueLink Launcher' icon on your desktop, select the option you would like to use, and click "OK". 

NOTE: To install on some machines, you may have to click "More Info" and "Run Anyway".
NOTE: If your download cannot be found, or seems to be deleting itself, turn off your anti-virus for a moment to let our app install. The self-updating nature of program often triggers virus, trojan, or similar false-positives.

BlueLink Remoter


Remoter Version: 2.91

The BlueLink Remoter is your source for all of your programming needs. Once it is open, you may fill out the form and submit a ticket like usual. 

To use, open the BlueLink Launcher (download above) and choose the first Option for "Remote Coding", then click "OK".

NOTE: Make sure you are using the email you PAID WITH when logging in to ensure we verify your purchase and proper pricing.



TeamViewer Version: 12.x (with support back to 8.x)

Remote desktop control software for use with supported BlueLink partners. Click the link below to join into our meeting room to receive help.

NOTE: Team members are not always signed in, so it may be best to [Contact Us] first.

Pass-Thru Drivers


Need to install drivers for your MongoosePro 2 or another device? We have compiled a list of drivers for the most commonly used J2534 Pass-Thru devices for your convenience. Please keep in mind that while we will do our best to help with installation of a device you have purchased elsewhere, our staff is trained primarily on setting up the DrewTech Mongoose we sell. If you have issues installing your device, or switching it into a "J2534 Mode", you may have to contact your device re-seller for support.

Local Diagnostics


Access our CAN Analyzer software, OBDII scan tool, and more. The links below will install the client locally to your machine, and will then be available for use via a desktop shortcut after installation (as pictured to the left). You must install the "Main Client Application" first, then install the desired databases.

NOTE: We no longer sell the required components for any of these packages, and they are now in end-of-life mode. So while it is still available for download, it is only for existing customers who have previously purchased the kits. Installation is still possible on newer machines, but certain versions of Windows may have trouble with installation.

PDF Download: 40 Page Full Color Manual