DropLink Probe

  • Measure a circuit's maximum current capacity like no other device on the market

  • Press a Button to precisely compute the load (in AMPs) and say 'no' to charts and graphs!

  • Read Voltage before you can turn on your multimeter!

  • Identify poor switch contacts and plug connectors

  • Pinpoint circuits that don't support their proper rated current


Where can I use my DropLink Probe?
On most 8-36VDC circuits you'll run into. 

Can I use this on AC Circuits?
No! The DropLink Probe is designed for DC use only and damage resulting from such misuse cannot be covered under warranty claims. 

How is the DropLink Probe any different than a multimeter measuring current?
The DropLink Probe is a patented, unique product designed to tell you a circuit's maximum current CAPACITY. A multimeter can read voltage (potential) and/or the active amount of current. Our tester provides a momentary load for just an instant, providing a mechanism to thus load a circuit to see what MAXIMUM CURRENT it is capable of. In the old days, mechanics would place appropriately-sized bulbs onto suspicious circuits to 'load' them and see what they could do. If the bulb lit up, they knew the circuit was good and able to supply the additional amps when the car called for it... if not, they knew the circuit was beneath the capacity it was supposed to be. 

How is the DropLink Probe different than those multimeter stick-type / add-on solutions?
Well for one, since your multimeter wasn't DESIGNED with this other product in mind, it can't conveniently show you on the display what the current capacity is; you're going to have to pull out a supplied chart, match that up to your particular situation and interpret (possibly from a graph) about how much maximum current capacity you have based upon the number you're seeing on your multimeter. Secondly, it is certainly a matter of preference, but for not much more money than such alternative solutions, you can have a self-powered, self-contained product -- one that won't ever run low on battery, or be waiting to be used since someone has your multimeter!