Instrument Cluster Reman Services

We offer remen services for gauges not working, LCD displays going bad, and the speedometer failing for the models listed below. Any unit sent in will receive our comprehensive service: extensive testing, repair, and.component updates.

  • 129 - SL Class (1990-1995): ALL issues (units w/ analog odometer)

  • 140 - S Class (1992-1995): ALL issues (units w/ analog odometer)

  • 202 - C Class (1996-2001): Gauge failure ONLY

  • 202 - C Class (1999-2001): LCD bad ONLY

  • 208 - CLK Class (1996-2002): Gauge failure ONLY

  • 208 - CLK Class (1999-2002): LCD bad ONLY

  • 210 - E Class (1996-1998/Single LCD): Gauge failure ONLY

  • 210 - E Class (1999-2002/3 LCD): Gauge failure/LCD bad

  • 220/215 - S Class (2000-2006): Backlight failure ONLY (Units w/ white stepper motor)

Can you send me one of your clusters first, before I send in mine?
No, all instrument clusters are done on a repair-and-return only basis. 

I broke the plastic bezel while removing it from the car, is that covered?
Cosmetic damage to a cluster is not covered in the rebuild process. Replacement bezels are available for an additional cost. Please pack your cluster well and insure it for at least a couple hundred dollars to cover the cost of a bezel in the event that it is damaged during shipping. Bezels on the 129 and 140 chassis are especially fragile. 

How long does the re-man process take?
Instrument clusters can vary from 1-3 business days depending on which particular model it is. We advise contacting us before sending it in to get a current price and a more accurate turn around time. 

Can you change the mileage for me while it's there?
No. Altering a cluster’s mileage is illegal. We may conduct a test of the clusters speedometer/odometer functions which can put ~1 mile on the cluster, other than that no changes are made to mileage. 

What kind of warranty do you offer?
Our re-manufactured parts come with a one-year warranty. See our policies page for full details.