BlueLink Discount for CTR Customers

722.9 NAG2 Programming

Installation of these units requires online programming and coding, provided by a third-party company called BlueLink. This process is similar to having a mobile technician in your shop, but over the internet.

Once you sign up with BlueLink, enter the serial number from your CTR invoice in the programming form, and CTR will cover the $125 programming fee! If any another source is used, you will be responsible for all fees.


You will need to purchase a software license or software kit from BlueLink. With an appropriate J2534 device, the software license is only $349, and is available on BlueLink's website. Certified Transmission customers may receive a $100 discount on a kit that includes a MongoosePro ISO 2 or CarDAQ-Plus 3 using the discount code [CT100] at checkout: 

As a BlueLink customer, you will have unlimited access to programming for $125 per-module. For parts and units that are not sourced from Certified Transmission, the customer will pay the $125 programming fee with BlueLink directly.


European/Asian Kit


WAS $649


All-Brands Kit


WAS $1999

What you need:

  1. Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC

  2. High-speed Internet connection

  3. BlueLink Software License

  4. Compatible J2534 Pass-Thru Device

NOTE: Although rare, some vehicles may require an ECU update in conjunction with the TCM programming. Though BlueLink does not double-charge in this instance, some risks may apply. The technician working on your vehicle will advise you accordingly. The specific protocols in this situation would be the same in a local/dealership session, but possibly at a higher cost.