BlueLink Subscriber Benefits

We get asked a lot about the benefits of being an annual subscriber and maintaining your subscription. It renews annually and for less than $17/month, is our recommended way of programming with us. We're able to best support our customers who subscribe! 

  • Code any module for $125 base fee ($50 savings)
  • Health check any module for $40 ($20 savings)
  • Occasionally get a free after-hours coding if you are close to our close time and a tech is available ($50 savings)
  • Unlimited annual PC support installing and using our products, or assistance getting your PassThru Device working -- even if you bought it elsewhere!
  • Supports our engineering efforts as we have grown from supporting one OEM Brand, to now over 10, all for one low cost! 
  • Right to Repair Advocacy! Your membership supports the people that fight for you! Did you know our owner was a vehicle security expert that helped draft the language for Massachusetts Right to Repair? 

Ready to sign up? Not sure if you are? Open up your BlueLink Remoter (the program with 6 Green Lights) and look for your account status. You should see a $125 per module base fee. Otherwise [Contact Us] to join today!