Locksmith ID Information

To order any TRP Part, you will now need your Lock Smith ID username and password. Do not call a dealership without one, they cannot sell you parts. Sign up here, it will take two to three weeks so do it now, not when a car is waiting in the bay. You will need copies of your business license and declaration page from you insurance company proving you have insurance. You DO NOT NEED A BOND! This is only if you wish to get an employee a username and password of his own. There is a minor background check: [NASTAF LSID

For Mercedes, order the parts via startekinfo. Just put the part number in the comments field and select a part like a steering lock or EIS in the drop down list: [Parts Ordering]

You will need a legible copy of the driver’s license and registration for vehicle owner. Best to scan and e-mail. Arrange this with the contacts in the parts department. You should also fill out a form giving you the authority to work on the security aspects of the vehicle. The best form is here: [LSID Form]