Windows XP: The End is Nigh!

We've talked about it in past newsletters, but here it is again: 2018+ you will need Windows 7 or greater to use the BlueLink Remoter!

The infrastructure we rely upon to securely and reliably provide the world its only Virtual J2534 Pass-Thru Device will soon require an operating system Windows 7 or newer. With new features on the horizon to better support the dozen+ OEMs we're compatible with, the time has come for you to make sure your computer is up-to-date.


So how can you tell?

  • Look at the images above. That's what the start menu buttons have looked like over the years. The most common Windows XP color scheme has a 'start' button in green, like you see right here. That means it's NO good!
  • If you want to see it on your PC to be sure, try the following: For Windows 8/10 machines, you can just Right Click on the start menu and click 'System'. You'll see your Windows version. For all other machines, click 'start' (or look on your desktop) for "My Computer" or "Computer". Right Click on that entry and click 'Properties'.
  • Still having trouble? Just try navigating to -- they too have updated and their site will tell you your browser is "incompatible" if it is too old for newer security standards.

Why the change?

Security requirements are changing everywhere, not just with us! From the multiple breaches at Equifax, to Yahoo Mail's 3 Billion compromised accounts, we don't want to add BlueLink to the growing list of providers who have experienced such issues. In addition, our continued support for Windows XP has delayed features we've had ready for production for some time.

What machine should I get?

So if you've established that your computer is not at least Windows 7/8/10 and you need to get one, let's talk about what PC, Laptop or even Tablet you should choose. To start, we recommend as always, that this be a computer that is free from other major software packages, or modifications. We ideally want a straight forward, store-bought system, with not too much on it! This will guarantee that it's in the stock state Microsoft usually has them in, and that it will just automatically "just work". As long as you follow the guidelines below, any machine will be great!

  • Windows 7/8/10 Home or Professional (No "S" Windows Versions)
  • Intel-Based Processor recommended
  • LAN Port (Ethernet) equipped strongly recommended
  • USB Type-A Port for your J2534 PassThru Device (Bluetooth not allowed for flashes)

That's it! The rest is up to you. Bigger screen? Smaller & more portable? Touch-based? Tablet-Style? Rugged? Take your pick and find the best deal you can. It's OK to install other things on it, but again, avoid other major software packages that heavily modify the computer. For Anti-Virus we recommend you remove anything pre-installed on the system as Windows 10 now has built-in Windows Defender which is free and it doesn't interfere with our products.