Renew Early and Save!

Renew Early and Save!

Starting April 1st, 2019 we will be raising the annual renewal fee by +$50/yr.

But… we have a special offer! Whether you last renewed 360 days ago, or just signed up, you have a chance to lock in one more time at the old price!

Click below and use discount code BEFORE250 to renew for the typical $200/yr.
(A full additional +365 subscription days will be added to whatever you still have)


A history of service…

Did you know that despite adding over 10 new OEM brands, increased business costs, upgrading servers, infrastructure and staff, we’ve not raised prices in several years?

Your annual fee helps us ensure you get the fastest service in the industry.
We always pick up the phones and finish most codings in under 1/2 an hour!
It’s not been easy speeding up engine flashes that once took 60-90 minutes into a service faster than you can take lunch! (Sorry about the indigestion!)

From all of us at BlueLink — thank you for your support of a small, U.S. Company here in Durham, North Carolina. Your commitment to BlueLink also keeps us fighting for independent shops across the country as members of the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF), and your Right to Repair (R2R)!.

Pay per Brand? Pay per Day? Pay per VIN?

Remember with BlueLink, you just pay to win!
We charge $0 unless service can be performed. This insulates you from wasting money buying daily or hourly OEM software just to find out that their servers are unavailable.

Contact us if you have any questions or wish to renew manually via phone.

New brands added - Nissan & JLR

The software development team at BlueLink has been hard at work once again, defying all Pass-Thru odds to offer support for even more vehicles. As always, these new features come at no additional cost to you. Our software automatically updates you to the latest version, so you’re always ready to program. You can download the latest version on a new computer by clicking below.

Remember - some brands require certain Pass-Thru devices. Call us to check.

BlueLink Subscriber Benefits

We get asked a lot about the benefits of being an annual subscriber and maintaining your subscription. It renews annually and for less than $17/month, is our recommended way of programming with us. We're able to best support our customers who subscribe! 

  • Code any module for $125 base fee ($50 savings)
  • Health check any module for $40 ($20 savings)
  • Occasionally get a free after-hours coding if you are close to our close time and a tech is available ($50 savings)
  • Unlimited annual PC support installing and using our products, or assistance getting your PassThru Device working -- even if you bought it elsewhere!
  • Supports our engineering efforts as we have grown from supporting one OEM Brand, to now over 10, all for one low cost! 
  • Right to Repair Advocacy! Your membership supports the people that fight for you! Did you know our owner was a vehicle security expert that helped draft the language for Massachusetts Right to Repair? 

Ready to sign up? Not sure if you are? Open up your BlueLink Remoter (the program with 6 Green Lights) and look for your account status. You should see a $125 per module base fee. Otherwise [Contact Us] to join today!

Remote Programming v3.00 Laptop Sale, New for 2018!


$200 off for a limited time - for existing members!

Get the best laptop for performing Remote Programmings with BlueLink! With an Intel-based processor, flash memory-based storage and an Ethernet port, this machine checks all the boxes of what we have always recommended, now available directly from BlueLink.

Is my existing computer OK? If you are running Window 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 -- yes. But soon, Windows XP and Vista users will not be able to receive remote programming from BlueLink in 2018. We have been sending notifications for a while. See our blog post for details:

Why Now? For some time, internet security standards have been improving to better protect us in all that we do. If you are still running Windows XP, you are using an operating system that is almost 17 years old! Our original "Version 2" of the BlueLink Remoter will soon no longer function due to it's less-secure connection methodologies. We have waited on making this change until our hand was forced by Microsoft's updates, since we wanted to support our existing customers as long as possible.

Can I just buy a machine myself if I'm a BlueLink Member? Yes, but right now we have our machines on sale ($200 off) to provide a discount for people just like you who are already BlueLink Members!

What do you recommend if I want to get something specific? If you want a laptop that's higher end or different, by all means go for it. Just make sure it is running the full version of Windows 10 (Home or Pro, NOT 'S'). We recommend an Intel-based processor and strongly recommend that the machine comes equipped with an Ethernet port for hard-wired internet. We also prefer machines with flash-based storage (SSD).

Compatible J2534 Pass-Thru Devices

Although we sell a few J2534 Pass-Thru options with our kits, we have tested and verified that the following Pass-Thru devices will function with our software.

Remember, certain makes and modules require different protocols which your Pass-Thru device may or may not support. Often times simply submitting a ticket is the quickest way to see what we can do for you.

Need to install drivers for your MongoosePro 2 or another device? We have compiled a list of drivers for the most commonly used J2534 Pass-Thru devices for your convenience. Please keep in mind that while we will make a best effort to help with installation of a device you purchased elsewhere, our staff is trained primarily on setting up the DrewTech Mongooses we sell. If you have difficulty installing your device, or switching it into a "J2534 Mode", you may have to contact your device re-seller for support.

See more info on our [Compatible Devices] page!

Windows XP: The End is Nigh!

We've talked about it in past newsletters, but here it is again: 2018+ you will need Windows 7 or greater to use the BlueLink Remoter!

The infrastructure we rely upon to securely and reliably provide the world its only Virtual J2534 Pass-Thru Device will soon require an operating system Windows 7 or newer. With new features on the horizon to better support the dozen+ OEMs we're compatible with, the time has come for you to make sure your computer is up-to-date.


So how can you tell?

  • Look at the images above. That's what the start menu buttons have looked like over the years. The most common Windows XP color scheme has a 'start' button in green, like you see right here. That means it's NO good!
  • If you want to see it on your PC to be sure, try the following: For Windows 8/10 machines, you can just Right Click on the start menu and click 'System'. You'll see your Windows version. For all other machines, click 'start' (or look on your desktop) for "My Computer" or "Computer". Right Click on that entry and click 'Properties'.
  • Still having trouble? Just try navigating to -- they too have updated and their site will tell you your browser is "incompatible" if it is too old for newer security standards.

Why the change?

Security requirements are changing everywhere, not just with us! From the multiple breaches at Equifax, to Yahoo Mail's 3 Billion compromised accounts, we don't want to add BlueLink to the growing list of providers who have experienced such issues. In addition, our continued support for Windows XP has delayed features we've had ready for production for some time.

What machine should I get?

So if you've established that your computer is not at least Windows 7/8/10 and you need to get one, let's talk about what PC, Laptop or even Tablet you should choose. To start, we recommend as always, that this be a computer that is free from other major software packages, or modifications. We ideally want a straight forward, store-bought system, with not too much on it! This will guarantee that it's in the stock state Microsoft usually has them in, and that it will just automatically "just work". As long as you follow the guidelines below, any machine will be great!

  • Windows 7/8/10 Home or Professional (No "S" Windows Versions)
  • Intel-Based Processor recommended
  • LAN Port (Ethernet) equipped strongly recommended
  • USB Type-A Port for your J2534 PassThru Device (Bluetooth not allowed for flashes)

That's it! The rest is up to you. Bigger screen? Smaller & more portable? Touch-based? Tablet-Style? Rugged? Take your pick and find the best deal you can. It's OK to install other things on it, but again, avoid other major software packages that heavily modify the computer. For Anti-Virus we recommend you remove anything pre-installed on the system as Windows 10 now has built-in Windows Defender which is free and it doesn't interfere with our products.

BlueLink & Becktech New Site

J2534 Remote Programming & BeckTech Parts:

By now you've probably noticed that we have a new website. Good observation skills! While you're noticing how we've changed things around, make sure to take note of the BeckTech Mercedes Parts and services we've picked up. Browse our services and parts sections for info while we get the online store ready.

Of course we still offer our multi-brand J2534 Remoter; the only virtual Pass-Thru Device in the world. It's the software that connects almost any J2534 Software to any J2534 PassThru Device of your choice via an internet connection -- That same software that puts almost any diagnostician right into your vehicle without anyone having to travel!

Vehicle Security Group and SDRM

The SDRM and NASTF will only be successful with active participation from our industry. I urge you to join in the discussions and work to keep the aftermarket viable. We as European specialists have a unique perspective on the industry and our voices need to be heard. 

If you are truly in a situation where you are certain that particular part, tool or information the dealer can get and you have not been able to get please consider filing a NASTF request. I realize this is more about information, tools, and programming, but parts are now more of an issue than ever for us all: 
NASTF Service Info Request (SIR) 

Keys are just programmed parts right?

Locksmith ID Information

To order any TRP Part, you will now need your Lock Smith ID username and password. Do not call a dealership without one, they cannot sell you parts. Sign up here, it will take two to three weeks so do it now, not when a car is waiting in the bay. You will need copies of your business license and declaration page from you insurance company proving you have insurance. You DO NOT NEED A BOND! This is only if you wish to get an employee a username and password of his own. There is a minor background check: [NASTAF LSID

For Mercedes, order the parts via startekinfo. Just put the part number in the comments field and select a part like a steering lock or EIS in the drop down list: [Parts Ordering]

You will need a legible copy of the driver’s license and registration for vehicle owner. Best to scan and e-mail. Arrange this with the contacts in the parts department. You should also fill out a form giving you the authority to work on the security aspects of the vehicle. The best form is here: [LSID Form]