Welcome, Beckmann Technologies customers!

This is the new home of Beckmann Technologies. For years we have had two companies in one building, and our employees have served two sets of customers with the same care, diligence, and precision. Now, you only need to call us by one name: BlueLink!

In the navigation bar at the top of your screen, all of our parts and services are detailed and available for you to review. It is safe to update your bookmarks on your computer to the new site: www.bluelinkdiag.com.

*All phone numbers have remained the same and will direct you accordingly.*



Although Bob's K-9 friends Harry and Max are no longer with us, everyone else you know and love are still here. Some of us started on the parts side, some of us on the coding side
--  now we're all on your side!

- New tricks -

Now that BeckTech and BlueLink are officially together, info is exchanged seamlessly like never before. Parts knowledge from BeckTech makes codings smoother with BlueLink, and vice versa for parts we sell that require programming.